We are a volunteer-powered organization. This means that your skills fuel our operations, activities and projects.

We trust that all volunteers believe in our mission, are willing to commit to the cause and add value to the organization.

The extent to which you engage is up to you. Whether you have a few hours each week, a few days each year or are able to devote considerably more time (20 hours a week), we can use your help. Most tasks can be carried out over the phone, web communication and email.

A (definitely) non-exhaustive list of possible tasks includes:

  • Be an event representative
  • Sharing interesting and relevant news on our social media platforms
  • Writing an article for our blog or newsletter
  • Joining the Fundraising efforts (working on sponsorships, donations, grants)
  • Joining the Marketing team (graphic design, social media, communication)
  • Sharing your ideas of potential projects
  • Joining a specific project
  • Giving legal advice
  • Giving expert opinion on chemistry matters
  • Starting your own project

How do I proceed?

  1. Subscribe here to join as a member
  2. Participate in the bi-monthly conference calls
  3. Follow us on social media
  4. Initiate or join discussions on our Facebook Group
  5. Contact us directly and tell us more about yourself
  6. Scroll down to check for current vacancies


Take a look at the available positions listed below and contact us to ask questions and explore any opportunities that fits your availability.

Chemists Without Borders is an equal opportunity 501(c)(3) organization.


Are you unsure if you are a match for the above vacancies? Worry not! Get it touch anyway and share your interests, skills and availability. We can then discuss how you can contribute to Chemist Without Borders.

We would love to have you join our team and we are positive you will find this an enriching experience!