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Chemists Without Borders

Project Portfolio

Chemists Without Borders is a collaborative organization producing sustainable results for important field problems by applying direct solutions and developing partners in the delivery of solutions. We are catalysts and enablers for our social partners, constituents, and suppliers, to achieve our common humanitarian and social goals.

Clean Water

  • Hundreds of millions of people around the world lack safe drinking water. Chemists Without Borders has initiated several water-related projects:

    • Focusing specifically on Arsenic in ground water:

      • Arsenic Education in Bangladesh: see link and the section in our recent newsletter here.

      • Arsenic penny per test.

    • Clean water mobile app.

Green Chemistry

  • Chemists Without Borders promotes green science education in developing countries by partnering with existing stakeholders. The Chemistry Education Team is currently developing laboratory exercises for secondary schools in Sierra Leone and partnering with Khadarlis for Sierra Leone to organize in-service teacher workshops.  See the section in our recent newsletter here.

  • Chemists Without Borders seeks to implement green and sustainable solutions in all its operations, both at home and in the field, as well as the operations of its partners and constituents through collaboration with those who already have solutions in hand.

Medicines and Vaccines

  • From its inception, Chemists Without Borders has sought to bring existing medicines to those who need them most. We collaborate and partner with:

    • AIDSfreeAFRICA which is building pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Africa to be owned and operated locally. We seek to accelerate AIDSfreeAFRICA's growth, and help replicate its efforts in many parts of the world.

    • Notre Dame University in the effort to develop and distribute low-cost paper-based tests to determine the potency of drugs in Africa.  See here and the section in our recent newsletter here.

Humanitarian Action Network

  • Chemists Without Borders is developing a network to address the needs of persons in areas hit by devastating disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes.  We have recently assisted Filters for Families in their work in providing safe drinking water after the devastating earthquakes in Nepal.

Self-Reliance Education

  • Chemists Without Borders focuses on empowering and enabling people to improve their economic condition through education and development of social enterprises.