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Chemists Without Borders

Solving Humanitarian Issues Worldwide

Chemists Without Borders solves humanitarian problems by mobilizing the resources and expertise of the global chemistry community and its networks.

The most common problems include poor water quality, maldistribution of medicines and vaccines, and lack of chemical education. Chemists Without Borders focuses on duplicating and providing proven solutions. Entrepreneurship is built into our programs as much as possible so that those we help can become more prosperous and help others.

Recent and current projects include validation of a composite-iron-matrix arsenic-removal water filter, field verification of a low cost, low tech arsenic measurement device, provision of water filters for rural Bangladesh, and designing secondary science lab exercises for Sierra Leone.

Current Downloads

Press Release with IdeaConnection
Newsletter 18
Annual Report 2013

A Dedication

Professor Rusty Myers, our esteemed colleague at Alaska Pacific
University who led our Sierra Leone “Lois Labs” project, was
due to speak at our monthly morning Café call on July 2. He had
recently journeyed to South Africa on our behalf and we looked
forward to hearing all about the trip during the call. Sad to
say, Rusty had died suddenly and unexpectedly a couple of days
beforehand. We send our condolences, with deepest sympathy,
to Rusty’s family, colleagues and team members on your loss.
We shall all miss Rusty's great enthusiasm, commitment and
expertise. He was a lovely man.

For more about Rusty, please see our Newsletter 18 and this piece
on the Alaska Pacific University website: Alaska Pacific University
Grieves the Loss of Long-time Faculty Member, Dr. Rusty Myers.

Support Our Project

You are invited to Chemists Without Borders IndieGoGo fund raising site which describes our work in Bangladesh on our Arsenic Education Project

Call In

Conference Calls are held the First Thursday of each month at 9 AM PST and Third Thursday of each month at 6 PM PST.

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